Patrick’s Vision for District 2

Guiding Madison’s Growth – Patrick recognizes the need to increase housing density by supporting infill developments and redevelopment where appropriate. New development is happening throughout the city, but needs to be appropriately weighed with quality-of-life concerns in existing neighborhoods. The rich history and character of existing communities must be valued as crucial components of what makes Madison an attractive city to residents, visitors, and businesses. District 2 also has five national historic districts and one local historic district. The buildings in these districts connect us with our heritage and make our neighborhood unique and attractive – our place rather than just any place. Patrick will work to support continued stewardship.

Addressing Affordable Housing Needs– Madison must assure that residents of all income levels can live in close proximity to their jobs, public services, food centers, and transit. Quality of life increases that have accompanied urban infill and redevelopment in the city center need to benefit all residents. Patrick is committed to development plans that benefit a broad swath of District 2 residents. The city must work together with the county and community organizations to fund more affordable housing options, to explore using community land trusts, and to expand our Housing First strategy.

Preparing for and Mitigating Climate Change – As a weather and climate researcher, Patrick understands that city, regional, and statewide approaches to dealing with climate change must be pursued now. Climate change’s many impacts on our economy are no longer hypothetical. If we do not work to mitigate negative effects, flooding and other impacts will continue to be a problem. Many actions must be taken at state and federal levels, yet cities and counties can lead by example and build momentum for larger policy changes.

Managing Water Resources – Patrick will work with Madison, Dane County, other elected officials, and the DNR to reduce impacts of heavy rain events. Lake levels should be lowered while increasing the flow out of the Yahara watershed. Additionally, the city must maintain a clean water supply, free from pollutants whether from farming, manufacturing, or natural sources. In District 2, we should continue to explore methods of making Lake Mendota safer for swimming and recreation, including the possibility of deploying algae barriers for the swimming beaches.

Modernizing Transportation Infrastructure - As a daily bicycle commuter for the majority of the year and a bus commuter in snowier months, Patrick sees bicycle and pedestrian safety as key concerns. He will advocate for expanding Madison’s bicycle infrastructure and bringing it up to the standards of great bicycling cities in Europe and the US. Traffic calming features on neighborhood roads should be expanded in order to protect pedestrians and bicyclists. Bus Rapid Transit must be pursued, particularly since Madison’s center is becoming sufficiently dense to support improved mass transit. We also must increase bus access, BRT or otherwise, for underserved neighborhoods to improve everyone’s access to employment, shopping, and other community resources.

Managing Parking and Traffic – Madison is becoming more urban. Areas, such as District 2, that are dense with residents and businesses need to retain access to street parking and manageable traffic volumes. Patrick will work to ensure that the impacts of new housing and commercial projects on parking and traffic becomes a greater component of the city’s planning and development review processes. Expansions of street parking permit programs, while partially limited by state law, should be explored whenever possible. Patrick also supports prioritizing the needs of local businesses as Madison and District 2 evolve.

Preventing Crime – Patrick will work with neighbors, social service providers, judicial entities, and the MPD to bolster avenues for preventing crime before it happens while simultaneously focusing on equity in police enforcement and services. One way to do that is by improving community input into policing practices. Patrick will also consult research into best practices for lowering recidivism rates, growing restorative justice efforts, and expanding safety and the feeling of safety for all community members.

Making Room for Dog Recreation – District 2’s population has grown substantially in the past few years. Along with that increase in density, our pet population has boomed. Many of these pets live with residents who do not have their own yards. In his roles in the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association, and as a caring neighbor, Patrick has realized that people want a dog park. One of his goals is finding an appropriate site for people to let their dogs play off-leash.

Candidate Questionnaires

As part of the campaign, I have been sharing my views and ideas with local organizations. In order to be transparent, I am also sharing this information below.

Progressive Dane Candidate Questionnaire

AFSCME Candidate Questionnaire

Carpenters Union Questionnaire

Four Lakes Green Party

League of Women Voters

United Faculty and Academic Staff

Madison Professional Police Officer Association


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