Local Leader Endorsements

Ledell Zellers, City of Madison Alder, District 2

I care deeply about the district and want the next alder to be a person who is committed to doing the work needed to be an informed and productive City Council member and who will be a strong voice in representing the interests of district 2.  Patrick is that person. - Ledell

Heidi Wegleitner, Dane County Board of Supervisors, District 2

Patrick understands housing issues in Madison and will advocate for equitable housing choices for every resident. - Heidi

Marsha Rummel, City of Madison Alder, District 6

Zach Wood, City of Madison Alder, District 8

Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, City of Madison Alder, District 5

Steve King, City of Madison Alder, District 7

Keith Furman, City of Madison Alder, District 19

Brenda Konkel, Former City of Madison Alder, District 2

David Wallner, Former City of Madison Alder, District 2

Richard Kilmer, Dane County Board of Supervisors, District 4

Joe Sensenbrenner, Former City of Madison Mayor

Patty Prime, President of Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association

Joe Lusson, Patrick McDonnell, Richard Linster (Past TLNA Presidents)

Mary Lang Sollinger, Activist and Advocate


Organization and Media Endorsements

The Capital Times

The Wisconsin State Journal

Progressive Dane

Four Lakes Green Party

Democratic Party of Dane County

South Central Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO


Madison Professional Police Officers Association

United Faculty and Academic Staff, AFT Local 223


Community Endorsements

* Indicates District 2 Residents

Vicki and Shaun Abshere*

Andy Adams*

Fenaba Addo and Senay Goitom*

Caroline Alexander*

Amy Alstad and Eric Udelhofen*

Simon Anderson*

Thomas Armbrecht*

Anne Arnesen*

Evelyn Atkinson and Joe Harper*

Susan Babcock*

Kaba Bah*

Nick and Cheryl Balazs*

Michael Bacsi* and Patti Seger*

Jessica Becker*

Peter Beeson*

David Benton and Pat Kelly*

Margaret Bergamini*

Anjali Bhasin

Anthony Black

Rob Bloch*

Joe Bonardi*

Teena Browder

Francois Brunet*

Douglas Buege*

Justin Burnett*

Peter and Marsha Cannon*
Cathy Chase*

Patti Coffey*

Meghan Conlin*

Matt Coogan*

Casey Coolidge*

Paul Creswell and Emily Reynolds

Nick Crowley and Anna Wenland*

Tracy Curtis*

Deborah Daley-Boehm and Oscar Daley-Spencer*

Gay Davidson-Zielske*

Anthony Del Ciello*

Deb Deppeler and Lynn Deppeler Hess*

Jo Drury*

Thom and Elena Duncan*

Erik and Erin Eagleman*

Matt Eberly and Kathy Nissley*

Pierce and Robin Edmiston*

Alexander Einsman*

Frank and Dolores Emspak*

Richard Entenmann*

John Feith and Kelly Maxwell*

Mark Fraire*

Matthew Frost and Corin Ludwig*

Jyothi Froemming*

Casey Garhart*

Jennifer Giegerich and Theodore Robbins*

Gregory Gelembiuk

Tara Gimmer*

Michael Goglio*

Anne Goodwin*

Dee Grimsrud*

Samantha Haack and Frank Stanek*

Lisa Hajek and Maggie Thomas*

Dan and Ann Halbach*

Miriam Hall*

Karla Handel*

Pete Haney

Frederick Hanson*

Joe Harper*

Ilse Hecht*

Roseanne Hefko*

Bob Hemauer

Sarah Herrick*

Angela Hickerson and Mary Hillebrand*

Caroline Hoffman*

Gigi Holland*

Bridget McCaan-Horn and John Horn*

Amihan Huesemann

Jonny Hunter and Sara Christopherson*

Franny Ingebritsen* 

Michael Jacob

John Johnson and Carole Trone*

Kyle and Gwen Johnson*

Ed Jordan and Melissa Coons*

Tom Kasper and Ann Rulseh*

Anne Katz*

Amy Kazda*

Autumn Kent*

Margaux Kenwood*

Natalie Khuen*

Bob Klebba and David Waugh*

Christine Knorr*

Kathy Kowalik and Joseph Brogan*

Alexia Kulwiec*

Tyler Lark and Alyssa Braun*

Rob Latousek and Brian McCormick*

Elle Laluzerne*

Cardine Larson*

Karen Laudon

Frank and Karen Lenoch

Matt Lieber and Georgia Lieber*

Lawrence Linzmeier*

Debby and Simon Lo

Kira Loehr and Trisha Prosise*

Dana Lytle*

Steve Maerz*

Sue Marcquenski*

Nancy Rose Marshall*

Tom McInvaille*

Nancy McLean*

Ryan McCormick*

Margaret McMurray*

Tim Meisenheimer*

Deb Meyer*

Fred and Mary Mohs*

David and Leigh Mollenhoff

Sonja Moskalik*

Ellen Murdoch*

Thuy Nguyen*

Seth Nowak*

Judith Nugent*

Chris and Lois Oddo*

Curtis Oddo*

Peter Ostlind

Renée Ostrowski and Michael Prestigiacomo*

David Panofsky*

Kirstin Pires*

Jim Plasman and Kathy Stratte*

Richard Procter*

Nick Propheter*

Jeff Reinke*

Andrea Rieck*

Andrea and Peter Robertson*

Tova Sacks and Jeremy Cesarec*

Brian Schildroth*

Emil and Cherrie Sanchez*

Amy and Ryan Schmudlach*

Susan Scott*

Jonathon Senchyne and Brigitte Fielder*

Mary Ellyn Sensenbrenner*

Lynn Shafel*

Gwen Shales*

Bob Shaw*

Topher Sheckler*

Christy Holz Sheppleman and Bob Holz*

Marc and Abby Siegel*

Zach Simmons*

Margaret Sleeper*

Patricia Smith*

Katerina Somers*

Shannon Sparks*

Amy and Alex Squitieri*

Marta Staple and David Staple*

Pam Stept*

Greg Stroupe*

Eleanor Stumm*

Tony Sturm*

Cheryl Sullivan*

Steph Tai*

Elizabeth Thompson*

Aleen Tierney*

Molly and Jim Tomony*

Eric Udelhofen*

Lia Vellardita and Matt Krueger*

Emily Ward*

Sandy Ward*

Carol Weidel*

Monica Welke*

Keith and Lori Wessel*

Brian Yandell*

Dave Young*

David Zehren*

Heidi Zoerb*