District 2 is comprised of voting wards 44, 45, 46, 47, and 48.

District 2 is comprised of voting wards 44, 45, 46, 47, and 48.

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This map shows the boundaries of Alder District 2. A high resolution pdf version is available from the City of Madison Planning Division.

The District is diverse, covering a high density student, fraternity and sorority dominated area in the Langdon Neighborhood, moving into the Mansion Hill Neighborhood with again a significant UW student population, but also including homes, condominiums and rentals for those who choose to live and possibly work in the city center. Further up the edge of Lake Mendota is the James Madison Park Neighborhood, again a mix of student and family residences, followed by the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood which stretches along the lake edge to the Yahara River, and sees more family occupied housing along with significant rental options in both multi-flats and high rises along E. Washington Ave.

Businesses through District 2 are also diverse – largely local businesses which are primarily on Johnson Street and East Washington Avenue. They cover a range of interests from local markets, art and handcraft, taverns, and coffee shops, through to specialty wine and beer establishments and some fabulous places to eat. The newer high rises along E. Washington also contain larger employers and a large grocer.

There is but one school in the district, the Lapham K-2 school which feeds into the Marquette 3-5 year school, each with over 200 currently enrolled students. Lapham has a strong commitment to providing a great inclusive education which embraces a strong component of community and service education.

Lake Mendota bounds the district along one edge; this shapes the life and recreation of many neighborhood residents, along with the many public parks which provide places for summer and winter outdoor activities and recreation. Tenney Park has many summer activities, including a beach, playground, and tennis and volleyball courts, with ice skating and hockey in the winter. Other lakeside parks include Filene, Giddings and James Madison which is extensively used by the community, especially over the summer months. Yahara River access is provided along the river’s edge in the Yahara River Parkway. There remain several of the characteristic street-end parks, at N. Livingston and N. Paterson, N. Pinckney and N. Carroll Streets which provide pocket-park access to the lake for all. Public access to the lake is also provided at the Edgewater Hotel. Further inland, Reynolds Park provides open space for pick-up and league soccer and ultimate frisbee, a playground, as well as tennis and bike polo courts. The refurbished Breese Stevens field hosts East High School sports, concerts, festivals, and community events, rugby, a pro Ultimate team (The Madison Radicals) with a pro soccer team, Forward Madison FC, starting matches in 2019.

This district is also home to many national landmark districts: Sherman, Fourth Lake Ridge, Mansion Hill, Langdon and East Dayton Street. In addition there is the Mansion Hill local historic districtTenney Park and the Yahara River Parkway are designated local landmark areas, as well as being combined into a National Register of Historic Places listing. In all these areas and districts, and scattered throughout the other parts of District 2, there are numerous national and locally landmarked buildings covering architectural styles from the early Madison founding era into the twentieth century, with a strong representation from the Prairie School of architecture.